Myo energetics (Öl Shiatsu)

Fortbildung mit Hiroshi Iwaoka

In Greek, 'Myo'means muscle. 'Energy' refers to the vital strength of any organism. 'Myo-Energetics' is the relaxing of muscular tensions that cause skeletal distortions. Correcting such distortions through Myo-Energetics helps to restore and maintain the vital strengh of the organism (your body). When you feel unwell, your body may experience skeletal distortions caused by contraction of the muscles that are attached to the skeleton. The nerves and the blood and lymphatic vessels close to the distortions become compressed and consequently, the nervous system, the circulatory system and the lymphatic system do not operate normally; this dysfunction can cause pain or illness. It is therefore natural that if the underlying skeletal distortions are corrected, the symptoms of 'unwellness' disappear.